"Quilted" Styrofoam Box- Fall Centerpiece or a Storage Box ( Tutorial)

3 Hours
If you guys are familiar with my previous posts you would know that I am crazy about fabric:) I also like to do crazy crafts that involve using not very typical objects. In this case I used a Styrofoam box my husband brought from work saying " look, you can do something cool with it!". So I had it for a few months and I finally decided to do something "cool" with it :) You can basically use any Styrofoam like shape to create this "no- sew quilt" looking decorations. In the past, I just worked with a rectangular or square pieces. I also would like to do it to the Styrofoam balls or rings. So here is how I made my little box.... I am still looking for a perfect use for it and a good spot in a house:)
the box
the tools I used
draw your borders first ( use a marker)
borders all over the box
draw your design- make sure it is not tiny or detailed ( owl legs in this case- they were too small)
cut along the lines ( be careful not to cat thru)
put the box on the piece of fabric and push the fabric in using and tool with a flat end ( ex. screw driver, wood curving tool, etc.)
push the fabric in until it is tide
the bottom
all tacked in:)
done with the borders
Pick any fabric you want but make sure that the pieces you cut are bigger than the shape you drew
finished :)
the back side :)
Playing around and figuring out what works :)
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  • Karen Reilly Karen Reilly on Dec 01, 2015
    Do you have more details how does the material stay in the polystyrene?

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