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Memorial Day and the 4th of July are just around the corner. You see patriotic plantings in Red | White | and Blue. Some are planted in the shape of a flag in gardens. Baskets and containers gardens give your holiday get together a special patriotic feel with red, white and 'blue' flowers. Its easy to find red and white plants. True blue flowers that give your plantings a truly patriotic look are sometimes a bit of a challenge so start early. Plant your patriotic designs now so they have a chance to grow-in full and lush. Here's some ideas. I chose a red miniature rose for one container pot and some red geraniums in another. The blue flowers I chose are called 'blue' ajuga chocolate chip and I found some blue petunias called. The white flowers are a perennial called Candytuft, Sempervirens Snow Cone that are sun and drought tolerant.
Red | White | and Blue Plantings with Heart
Plant your patriotic red, white and blue gardens early so they will be full and lush in time for Memorial Day and 4th of July parties and family get togethers.
Miniature red roses of any variety, white Candytuft, and 'blue' Ajuga Chocolate Chip all perennials make a good patriotic garden choice.
Candytuft for a white selection
Deep Red Geraniums are a great patriotic red!
JI used Jobes organic soil and fertilizer
'Ajuga' Chocolate Chip, pretty bluish purple
Blue Petunias are always a good choice, lower right, however this double petunia is not in bloom yet. Your gardens will fill-in and provide plenty of Patriotic fun and color for your Patriotic holiday picnics! Kids love them! Be sure to add flags!
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  • Douglas, These plants are drought tolerant perrennials and I noticed the ajuga says it is good to -40 below. I love perrrenials and also like to see flag gardens don't you? I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Yours truly, Susan

  • Sheila Conlon Sheila Conlon on May 03, 2014
    Mine is coming along good. Salvia, Viola, Lobelia (Blue Waters), Phlox is added since this plant had the white flowers mixed in they are for 'stars'. In the newer photo had to add the Verbena as did not like the first garden I planted it in.