Spam Can Easter Baskets.....

Got Spam? Not a staple in my pantry too often. Luckily, I have an unhitched brother in law that loves the stuff. You can also find them at your local recycling center. Unhitched brother in laws to.
Table place setting goodies to take home...
Step 1. Clean, empty cans. You'll need.. Novelty chalkboard plates. 3/4" wooden knobs. (I like them with a flat side). Craft paper, & pipe cleaners -Optional.
Steps 2 & 3. Spray paint 2 or 3 coats. Let dry. Then use a good glue to adhere your legs. NOTE: Hot glue from your glue gun doesn't work well. I used a liquid cement.
Steps 4 & 5. Decoupage. Cut your craft paper to fit. Apply a THIN coat of Mod Podge' on 1/2 the can & 1/2 the underside of your paper. Begin by wrapping 1/2, then keep brushing as you go. Make a dry run of this before hand, so you know right where you're placing it. Go lightly on the Mod Podge' or you'll get wrinkles. Let dry. Then hot glue your name plates on.
Steps 5 & 6. Add a pipe cleaner handle. Poke holes up near the rim with a hole punch. It's thin tin, so you don't need to be Arnold S. Then add your grass, jelly beans, chocolates, fill your baskets. Everyone gets a chocolate bunny & a felt daisy. It's Spring!
You're never too old for a Spam Can Easter Basket....

After Easter they can take the pipe cleaner off & use it for paint brushes,, pens, makeup brushes, etc. etc. etc.... HAPPY EASTER!
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