Upcycled Wood Ghosts

2 Materials
2 Hours

This was such a fun project! I love Halloween, and these ghosts make me smile:

I used fence boards that we had on hand, but you could use any type of lumber.

The first thing I did was cut them to the length I wanted. We love using our Hart Compound Miter Saw for this.

Next, I sketched out the head shape, as well as the eyes and mouth.

After that, we used our Hart cordless drill to make "starter holes" for the eyes and mouth.

The starter holes made it easy to insert the jigsaw blade (another Hart tool favorite - it is cordless and has a light on it!) and cut out the eyes and mouth. We also used the jigsaw to cut out the head.

After that, I roughly brushed on paint. I did some in white, and some in black. Then, I went over the paint with our Hart cordless sander, just to make it even more rustic.

Next, I used old hinges to attach the ghosts together. I also added rusty starts and other bits and bobs. All of these pieces were salvaged from the ashes when our home burned in a California wildfire a few years back, so it was really nice to re-use them in this fun project!

And that was it! Don't you love their whimsical expressions?

I just love using old "junk" to make fun decor pieces, especially for Halloween. If you make these, please share a photo in comments below, or tag my Instagram/Facebook page(s) - @jagcagdesign. I would love to see how yours turn out!

Thanks so much for reading through this project; I hope you liked it! If you'd like, please go give me a follow on Instagram or Facebook - your support inspires me to post more projects!❤

Happy creating,



Suggested materials:

  • New or reclaimed wood
  • Old rusty hinges, screws, metal shapes

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