How to DIY Marbled Christmas Ornaments in 5 Easy Steps

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A step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to create DIY marbled Christmas ornaments using nail polish! Affordable, quick, and so easy. This would be a great family friendly craft this holiday season.

This year, I decided to DIY marbled Christmas ornaments and they turned out so well! Cheap and easy is always my goal, and these ornaments fit the bill. I’ll share the exact supplies I used, as well as the step by step tutorial so you can make your own.

For a complete tutorial and direct supply links,  you can visit!

STEP 1: Prep

Get your work station ready. First, cut slits in the top of your solo cups large enough that you can push the ornaments through to hold them while they dry.

Next, fill a wide mouth bowl with water deep enough that you will be able to completely submerge your ornament.

*Note: This is where I made my first mistake! The bowl pictured below was not deep enough for me to fully submerge the ornament.. I found using a deep and large mug was best.

STEP 2: Pour the Nailpolish

Pour drops of your nail polish colors into the water. In my experience, the polishes did not mix. So I think you could easily use 2-3 different colors. I used old nail polishes I already had on hand in bronze and green.

Once you’ve poured the nail polish into the water, use your toothpick to stir the colors into a marbled, swirled pattern. There is no science to this, and you can’t mess it up so don’t overthink it.

STEP 3: Dip your Ornament

Next, you will dip your ornament into the water.

As you continue, I also noticed that the nail polish was only good for one, maybe two ornament dips. Then I would recommend adding more nail polish to the water, and re-swirling it. That way you have plenty of color and fresh patterns each time.

STEP 4: Dry

After the ornament was dipped, I placed it bottom up into the slit I had cut in the solo cup to dry. Similar to how I made my DIY Vintage Mercury Glass Ornaments, you could use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

Can you spot the marbled ornaments? I see plenty of my DIY mercury glass ornaments as well and dried orange slices!

If you prefer to watch this process in real time, I made an Instagram reel to show the project as well!

STEP 5: Clean up

I used ceramic dishes I use daily for this project, so it was important everything got cleaned up well. I used Acetone on a cotton swab to wipe any surface that had nail polish on it, then ran it through the dishwasher. Good as new!

Enjoy your new DIY Marbled Christmas Ornaments!

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Suggested materials:
  • Shatterproof ornaments
  • Nail polish
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    How did you push the ornament into the Solo cup to dry without touching the polish?

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