Traveling Cats

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I travel across country a lot with my 2 cats and 3 dogs. I needed to provide a safe, comfy way for them to travel with their food, litter box and beds. I wanted to avoid the mess that comes with water dish/litter box and wet litter on the cats. Problem solved!
I used an old dog crate that my German Shepherd had outgrown. I needed to grind off the rough edges from puppy teething and give it a good scrubbing. I also used a covered plastic storage box and lid, and an old bath room rug.
I purchased an end table from Goodwill for $5.00, and cut the legs off to my desired height. I had a spill proof feeding station for them already.
I used some spray adhesive left over from other craft projects and cut the bath rug to size. I sprayed both the surface of the table and the rubber backing of the rug pieces and pressed into place.
I then secured the "end table cat bed" to the bottom of the crate with screws.
Cat feeding station under the table.
Sizing of the litter box - tucks under the bottom shelf of the table to secure in place.
Yep - this will work.
Final touches - litter box hack. Used a ribbed bath mat to contain the cat litter tracking.
More spray adhesive over the storage lid.
A few quick cuts and trims with the scissors and utility knife.
Litter Box in place.
Finished product. We are ready to roll down the road!!
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