This Repurposed Door Is All About That Pooch!

This is the first of five doors we'll be repurposing from a very small 1940's home we're remodeling. So, when this bathroom door came off, I thought it would be perfect for a pet stand to hold Coco's food and water bowls and her other numerous belongings. I bought a print a few months ago that fit perfectly on it. I don't know why it is, but sometimes, I just gotta redo something crazy, fun and totally unexpected. When opportunity knocks :-) .... you gotta do it!
We cut the door just above where the knob use to be, and cut the wider lower section and attached it to the tall section, to form a platform for the bowls. Since it was a little top heavy, we also fastened two L shaped brackets to the back, and cut two diagonal braces and a horizontal piece from the thick middle section of the door, and fastened it to the back for support. There was only a very small section of the door not used.
I only sanded where the paint was peeling, I wanted to leave as much of the age on it as possible. I cleaned it, primed it and, painted on two coats of a flat blue paint.
I decoupaged the print to the door, and after it dried, I painted on a crackle medium all over the door. After that dried, I painted on red and yellow paint, I just had fun with it.
The next day, I painted on Modern Masters Metal Effects primer around the print and other areas, where I wanted the rusted look.
After waiting twenty four hours, I painted on two coats of their oxidizing iron paint over the primer, after drying, I brushed on their rust activator solution over the iron paint. Then I antiqued over the color parts. I also gave the door two clear protective coats. Sorry, I don't have pictures of this step, I was working on this at the little house we're remodeling, and forgot to take my camera that day.
I also used the metal effects on the hardware, while I was working on the hardware, I told my husband, that wished I had a bone out of wood to go over the metal door handle. He delivered! :)
When any of the family would come over to the little house looking for me, and they do! They would have a shocked expression, followed by a big smile or laugh, which I thoroughly enjoyed, goal accomplished! I hope my junkyard dog door makes you laugh today. :-)
The back side, holding all Coco's things.
Coco, checking it out!
This isn't the first thing we've redone for her, here she is in her dog bed made from our grandsons toddler bed he out grew. I had to glam it up for her, okay, maybe that was for me. :-) She's really our sons dog, but we've adopted her for a while, and just like the grandkids, she's spoiled rotten!
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