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I love using natural ingredients in my diys.
Autumn is the perfect time for collecting materials for winter diys, such as pinecones, moss and sticks. My greenhouse is full of baskets with all kinds of natural materials for winter and holidays.
In this little project you could use about anything with a good fragrance. Smudge sticks were traditionally used to cleanse rooms or houses from negative energies. I simply use the sticks as room scent during the winter (and if they remove bad energies, thats a bonus :)
To start off, take a walk in your garden or in the woods, to collect herbs or flowers :)
All you need to make the smudge sticks:
Gather your herbs/flowers and make little bundles.
Wrap the twine around the herbs. Tie the twine tightly, as the bundle will shrink to half when the herbs dry.
I used lavender, lemongrass, rosemary and cinnamon in my smudge sticks.
Other herbs that works great is; lemon balm, mint, thyme and eucalyptus (or anything with a good scent)
Dry the smudge sticks for at least two weeks
Light the smugde sticks on a fireproof underlay.
(Never leave fire/smoke unattended)
Fill your home with lovely fragrances!

Suggested materials:

  • Herbs/flowers
  • Natural twine
  • Scissors

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