DIY Spring Urn Filler

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You have seen those beautiful spring urn fillers with the hefty price tags. Let’s make our own DIY Spring Urn Fillers and save some money.

Some of these retail stores, one urn filler runs $149 to $199. For two urn fillers (without urns), it would run you well over $300-$400 dollars.

I have an amazing DIY Spring Urn Filler Hack! It will look better than the retail store.

You can make two urn fillers for well under $100. It beats spending $300-$400 dollars.

Now let’s save some money and have some fun!

A full tutorial can also be watched on this video link.

Add two brick floral craft dry foam in a standing position (vertical). Insert your floral picks in the corners and center.

Now add two brick floral craft dry foam in a horizontal position (long ways) and push down to connect to the floral picks.

Begin in the corners to insert a tulip. Three tulips will be inserted on each side.

Add layer two by adding a tulip in each corner. I have them inserted on a diagonal.

Next work the remaining tulips in the center section until you have used up your tulips for the first urn.

You will repeat the process above for the second urn. Your urn fillers should look like the above photo.

With the Quick Dry Tacky glue, generously cover the brick floral foam. Begin to add in the flat green moss to completely cover.

The moss gives it an elegant appearance. It fills in the spaces and covers the foam bricks. The Quick Dry Glue will dry within minutes. You will be able to put it out of the porch within 30 minutes.

I love how the Urn Filler Hack turned out. They are beautiful and look elegant on the front porch. You cannot tell they are faux unless you touch them.

Don’t they look so real? You have to get close up and touch them to tell that the tulips are faux.

This project cost me around $85 before taxes to complete. Not bad for two fillers!

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Suggested materials:
  • Large Bag of Flat Moss   (Amazon)
  • Quick Dry Tacky Glue   (Amazon)
  • Floral Stems (Wooden Picks)   (Amazon)
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