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Hi! Liz here from SimpleDecoratingTips.com, a DIY and decorating blog.

Here are some quick and easy fall porch ideas…

I’ve found that decorating for fall is the easiest! Christmas decorating can be such a huge commitment, but fall is simple… just a little goes a long way. A splash of orange here and there and it looks like you’ve completely embraced the change of seasons.

The big celebration for us is THE FRONT PORCH!! Just the fact that the front porch on our new house we’ve been renovating for the past year is done, (well mostly done…) is a huge celebration. So this year to decorate it for fall was a joyous occasion! Pop over to my blog to see the vast difference in the before and after!!

Now on with the fall porch transitions…

I grabbed some medium sized pumpkins at the local farm stand, along with a few kale plants and a beautiful mum.

My granddaughter had a huge say in the color… I was going toward more orange/rust flowers, but she loved the purple contrast with the pumpkins… and she was spot on!

I have this vintage wagon that I put a bunch of the pumpkins in and set the mum in back with a kale on the side. Done. It took literally 30 seconds… not counting the 5 minutes to move the wagon onto the porch.

The old wagon has been tucked under the large Norway Spruce trees on the side of our property since we moved last fall. My grandson and granddaughter were here for the day so I had them help me move the wagon over. It is vintage, and parts are a bit loose. (ok, falling apart… but once in place, it looks cute)

I had them each hold a back corner, and I took the front. What seemed like a good idea, and should have been a simple task, turned into a several minute ordeal with the two siblings squabbling with each other and dropping their side a few times. It was entertaining for me, (mostly… except I think we lost a few more parts to the wagon) and maybe a little lesson in teamwork for them? Their side wasn’t heavy as long as everyone was holding their own… but if one dropped their side, the other one wasn’t able to hold theirs either.

Along with the wagon of farmstand goodies, are two lanterns, (still haven’t found the battery operated candles I have packed away for them) and this pair of vintage owl andirons with glass eyes…

We found the owls at a fun antique flea market in Maine, but I’ve seen them on Ebay, if you are a big owl fan and looking for something kind of unique, just type in ‘vintage owl andirons’.Ebay, if you are a big owl fan and looking for something kind of unique, just type in ‘vintage owl andirons’.

Here’s a close up of the wagon…

It’s good to get the wagon out of the rain and snow, to its new home upon the covered porch. Maybe it’ll be a permanent fixture on the porch. It’d sure be easy to change out the things inside it to fit with the season.

Since I had a few extra pumpkins, I went ahead and put them in the bird fountain in the corner of the porch with a kale topping it off.

On the way up to the front porch, is the side of the garage with the windows we framed out extra long and put window boxes under them.

With a few fall additions, the window box decor takes on a whole warm autumn feel.

The copper-colored rooster looks cute in the center window box.

I’ve had that rooster weather vane for years. It’s just one I found at Target probably 10 years ago. There’s just something about it I kind of love!

A few notes about the other decor in the window boxes…

The orange and white pumpkins are not real, they are resin. I wanted pumpkins that would be the right size. I also preferred to find ones that wouldn’t get rotten and possibly stain the wall of the house. But the pumpkins still needed to have enough weight so that the wind wouldn’t blow them around. I found these resin ones and they were the perfect size for these window boxes. Here are the affiliate shopping links for these  orange pumpkins in the window boxes, and the link for the white pumpkins in the window boxes, I also threw in a few faux gourds for good measure, again in the correct size and weight. (This collection of faux pumpkins and gourds were close to the same cost, just a little more, as the real ones, and it’s convenient to be able to reuse them year after year.)

The  topiaries,  and the birch branches in the window boxes are probably going to stay 12 months of the year, with different seasonal decor getting changed out, like the pumpkins.

Hope this gave you some simple tips for your fall porch transitions!

To read more about our house renovation and so much more, come visit me at SimpleDecoratingTips.com

Suggested materials:
  • Vintage wagon
  • Pumpkins
  • Window boxes
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