Cute DIY Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Pool Noodle Wreath

Vivian Siu
by Vivian Siu
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I was hoping to find a heart shaped wreath foam or heart shaped wreath wire form at a local Dollar Tree store, but I could not find any. Fortunately, I had some red pool noodles. I was able to make a heart shaped pool noodle wreath. I had so much fun making this Valentine's Day heart shaped pool noodle wreath!

Here is the link to my Valentine's Day Heart shaped pool noodle wreath Instagram Reel:



  • 1 Red Pool Noodle
  • Duct Tape
  • Valentine's Day Themed Metallic Tinsel Garland
  • Valentine's Day Themed ornaments
  • Scissors (to cut tinsel garland, duct tape, or pool noodle or window clings/stickers/card stock)
  • Knife (to cut the pool noodle)
  • Multipurpose wire (not in this picture)
  • Wire Cutter (not in this picture)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks (not in this picture)
  • Window Clings (optional)
  • Valentine's Day stickers (optional)
  • Card Stock (optional)
  • Modge podge (optional)
  • Foam brush for modge podge (optional)
Bend the Pool Noodle

1). Bend the poodle at the center to make a "V". You want to try to make a crease on the pool noodle.

Cut a triangle chunk

2). At the center of the pool noodle, cut out a triangle chunk (as shown in the picture). I couldn't find my knife so I used scissors to cut the pool noodle. Please use a knife. It will be easier to cut the pool noodle than with scissors.

Wrap with duct tape

3). Next, wrap the cut area heavily with duct tape.

Trim ends of the Pool Noodle

4). Then cut at least 1 inch off both ends of the pool noodle. I trimmed the ends so that it would be easier to bend the pool noodle into a heart shape.

Bending the multipurpose wire

5). With the wire cutters, cut at least 12 inches of the multipurpose wire. Bend the wire into a "V". By the way, I bought the multipurpose wire from Amazon.

Here is the link:

Inserting the wire inside the pool noodle.

6). Insert the wire inside both ends of the pool noodle (top part of the heart). This is the hardest step, so take your time. Once you insert the wire inside the pool noodles, start bending both ends of the pool noodle into a heart shape. I highly recommend you ask someone to help you with this step. I did this step by myself, and it took several tries to get the wire to stay inside the pool noodle.

Wrap the top part of wreath with duct tape.

7). Heavily wrap the ends of the pool noodle (top part of the wreath) with duct tape. I also recommend you ask another person to hold the pool noodle wreath while you wrap the duct tape around the top part of the wreath. Having a pair of helping hands will ensure that the pool noodle maintains its heart shape.

Reinforce the top/bottom parts with duct tape

8). Your pool noodle should now look like a heart. I ran out of red duct tape, so I used white duct tape to reinforce the top and bottom part of the heart. It is okay if your duct tape does not match the color of the pool noodle. The tinsel garland and additional decorations will cover the duct tape.

Wrap with metallic tinsel garland

9). Wrap the heart shaped pool noodle wreath with the tinsel garland of your choice. If you do not have the Valentine's Day themed tinsel garland with the hearts, you can use plain metallic tinsel garland.

Pool noodle wreath wrapped in tinsel garland.

And this is how the pool noodle heart shaped wreath looks like when it is completely wrapped in metallic tinsel garland. I used one metallic tinsel garland from Dollar Tree and another one from Amazon.

Decorations for Pool Noodle Wreath

10). Finally start decorating your wreath with whatever you want. This step is left up to your imagination. There are no rules. :) Use a hot glue gun to glue the decorations to your pool noodle heart shaped wreath.

This is what I used to decorate my pool noodle heart shaped wreath: 1 medium size metallic heart foam ornament from Dollar Tree, 1 Valentine's day window cling, Valentine's Day ornaments, Valentine's Day stickers.

Instructions for medium size metallic heart foam ornament:

-Glue the top sides and bottom part of the ornament to the center of the wreath. If your ornament is not big enough, you can hang it from the top part of the wreath using ribbon or a clear cable zip tie. In this picture, I have the pink color metallic heart foam ornament, but I ended up using the red color metallic heart foam ornament for my pool noodle wreath.

Instructions for window cling:

-If you use a window cling, peel off the window cling and use modge podge to glue it to a sheet of card stock. Let it dry. Then use scissors to cut the dried window cling/card stock. Glue it to the pool noodle wreath.

Instructions for stickers:

-You can stick the stickers on your ornaments. I placed the "Love" phrase sticker on one of my Valentine's Day ornaments. Then I glued that ornament with the love sticker on it to my wreath. If your stickers are really big, you can stick them on card stock. Then cut out the sticker/card stock, and glue it to your wreath. I had a cupid Hello Kitty sticker, so I stuck it on card stock. Then I cut out the Hello Kitty sticker/card stock and use a hot glue gun to glue it to my wreath.

The Final Pool Noodle Heart Shaped Wreath

And here is how my final Valentine's Day Pool Noodle Heart Wreath looks like! To hang it, if you have a large wreath hanger, you can leave as is. If your wreath hanger is small, then you can use ribbon or a clear cable zip tie to hang your wreath.

A Cute Valentine's Day Pool Noodle Wreath

I hope you will make your own heart shaped pool noodle wreath for Valentine's Day. Have fun! icon

Suggested materials:
  • Pool Noodle   (Dollar Tree)
  • Valentine's Day Tinsel Garland   (Dollar Tree)
  • Valentine's Day Tinsel Garland   (Amazon)
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