How To Make a Modern Metal Hoop Sunflower Wreath

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If you’re joining us from our latest Fall decorating idea s post or YouTube video, welcome back!

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Have you been swooning over all the modern hoop wreaths like I’ve been lately?

Well, you’re in luck!

As promised we’re here to show you just how easy it is to make this darling sunflower wreath today!

Best of all, we’ll show you how versatile this metal wreath form is so you can use it for other seasons throughout the year!


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  1. 19″ floral metal hoop
  2. Round wood beads
  3. 12″ Sunflower wall decor
  4. Leaves
  5. Wire
  6. Tape
  7. Hacksaw
  8. Felt
  9. Wire cutters

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First things first, in order to make this sunflower wreath, the metal hoop needs to be cut.

There are likely multiple ways to do this, but seeing how I started this project on a whim at 10:30 pm I had to use what was handy.

My trusty ol’ hacksaw did the trick.

Now that the metal hoop is cut, the wood beads can be thread on.

Here I’m using the two largest wood beads in the package alternating each to create a pattern.

However you can stick with one size as well.

(The main reason behind this pattern was the ability to have enough beads without the need of buying another package.)

After all of the beads have been thread onto the metal hoop you can secure it back together.

Again using what I had on hand, which in this case was duct tape.

Simply line both ends together and wrap with tape multiple times.

Slide all the beads to one end of the tape until snug.

Then add another strip of tape at the other end of the beads.

This will keep the beads snug and keep them in place.

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This step may be optional depending on what type of leaves you’re using.

These leaves are large which look really great with the sunflower but they’re also a little flimsy.

So to prevent them from drooping down while hanging on the front door we need to sturdy them up a bit.

A little floral wire should do the trick.

Cut a piece of wire a little shorter than the leaf.

Then working on the back side, run a bead of hot glue down the center of the leaf.

Finally press the wire into place and allow the glue to set up.

(Using a long skewer or craft stick is a good idea to save your fingers from getting burned.)

Again this step may be optional depending on the need to sturdy up the leaves.

To prevent the wire from scratching up the front door, I simply cut a little felt and glued it over the wire.

The next step is to secure the leaves to the sunflower.

With the sunflower face up, slide each leaf under the flower until you’re happy with the placement.

At this point, use a little hot glue to secure the leaves together.

And again to tack the leaves onto the sunflower.

Then use floral wire to firmly secure the leaves to the sunflower.

A quick way to do this is by using a needle.

Begin by inserting the needle into the back side of the sunflower pulling the wire onto the front side.

Then insert the needle back down and pull through the back side.

Repeat this for both sets of leaves.

Once the wire has been thread through the sunflower you should have two ends of wire sticking up on each set of leaves.

For each set, twist the two strands of wire together a couple times at the back of the sunflower.

The wire should now be firmly secured to the sunflower.

Open up the remaining strands of wire and place the metal hoop along the center of the sunflower.

Again twist the two strands of wire together, this time around the metal hoop.

Twist the wire several times and then wrap the entire length of wire around the metal hoop.

The sunflower is now secured to the metal hoop in two spots.

At this point you can add a little more felt to cover the metal hoop to prevent it from scratching the door.

And that’s it!

In less than an hour you’ve not only made a darling wooden bead wreath form, but a festive fall sunflower wreath.

To utilize this wooden wreath form for other seasons, simply peel back the felt and unwind the wire from the metal hoop.

Now you can switch up the decor for any season while using the same wreath form!

I’m already envisioning a large poinsettia for Christmas!

Now that you finally have your own swoon worthy modern wooden bead wreath what other decor items are you anxious to add?

I can’t get over how darling this sunflower wreath is!

Better yet…how quickly it was to make!

I especially LOVE how the vibrant yellow pops off our navy door!

Not to mention that it coordinates so well with my fall theme and sunflower arrangement.

We hope you’ve been inspired to make your own modern hoop sunflower wreath.

Be sure to comment below with any questions or thoughts.

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  • Wood beads   (Michaels)
  • Large sunflower wall decor   (Michaels)
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