So, this is our first Halloween at this house , and lots of people have told me that since we live in a famous subdivision we get a lot of trick or treaters. I already have a generous amount of candy but i'm afraid it won't be enough 🙈 So i decided to make a sign just in case i run out. I would not want to have poor kids knocking on my door and me not answering , and really dislike to write no candy on a piece of paper 🙈
I had some plywood pieces in my garage from previous projects so i decided to use one of them to make this sign.
I used a drill bit to open a little hole on the top to put a ribbon to hand my sign from. Then i proceeded to paint my sign orange, drew some circles and a candy corn.
Then i went on my computer and printed the words : Out Of Candy . Then cut the words, scribbled the back with chalk and taped them to my sign.
After this i traced the letters with a pencil and proceeded to paint. I used a calligraphy marker by hampton art in gold and then with a black marker around the borders.
And DOnE! You are ready for your trick or treaters!

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