Bottle Cap Poker Set

2 Materials
3 Hours
My workshop is based at a pub so I have a endless supply of bottle of caps. Im always looking for things to do with them. I decided to turn some onto a poker set.
I wanted a tray to keep the chips in. First I cut some wood down to the right width and the marked out the centre of it.

I cut it down to the right length. 

I marked out where the holes needed to go to held 4 sets of chips. 

I used a forester bit to drill out the holes all the way through the wood. 

I cut the piece in half along the centre line. 

The two half could then be glued and clamped back together but this time side by side.

The tray needed sided to keep the chips in, so I marked out and cut some strips down to the right length. 

The strips could be glued and clamped into place.
I gave the tray a sand and then finished it with danish oil. 
The bottle caps have a rubber gasket that needs to be removed. To make it easier I heated it up and then scraped it out. 

The caps could then be flattened but hitting them with a hammer. 

Thats it all done. Please watch my video for more information. If you enjoyed the video please subscribe to my YouTube channel for a new project every week. 

Suggested materials:
  • Bottle caps
  • Wood
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