How to Light Up Your Neighborhood | Festive DIY Christmas Archway

Mitch Couch
by Mitch Couch

Ready to bring holiday cheer to your outdoor space? Learn how to make a DIY Christmas arch using PVC pipe, garland, and lights.

Follow my simple guide for a budget-friendly way to brighten up your sidewalk with festive spirit.

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Tools and Materials:

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How to make a PVC Christmas archway on a budget

1. Assemble Your PVC Framework

Start with a one-inch and one-and-a-quarter-inch PVC pipes.

Add a touch of holiday spirit with green spray-paint

Give the pipes a festive touch by applying light coats of green spray paint. Be cautious not to over-spray to avoid any runs.

Step-by-step guide - DIY outdoor Christmas light arch

Pound the one-and-a-quarter-inch PVC pipe into the ground on both sides of your sidewalk, ensuring they stand securely.

A detailed tutorial on DIY Christmas arch decor

2. Create the Archway

Insert the one-inch PVC pipe into the ground-mounted pipes to form the archway.

Attach the pipes with an elbow joint at the top

Use 90-degree elbows on the sides to connect the pipes and establish the arch shape across the walkway.

Crafting a stunning DIY Christmas light archway with PVC

3. Add Garland for a Festive Touch

Take your 50-foot garland and start at the bottom of the arch. Secure it in place using zip ties, ensuring a snug fit.

Wrap the garland around the whole archway

Don't be afraid to use the entire length of the garland, creating a lush and vibrant look. Trim off any excess zip ties to maintain a clean appearance.

Govee Outdoor Neon Light Rope

4. Illuminate with Rope Lights

Enhance the festive atmosphere by wrapping rope lights around the garland.

Zip tie rope light to archway

Begin at the bottom, securing the lights with zip ties. Make sure the white part of the rope light is visible for optimal illumination.

Illuminate your sidewalk

Use zip ties sparingly to maintain a polished look while allowing the lights to shine brightly.

Add a bow to the top of the arch

5. Decorate with Bows and Flowers

Tie an oversized bow to the middle of the arch.

Decorate with oversized poinsettias

Clip on a few large poinsettias and you are ready to light up your holiday archway.

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Holiday archway

Christmas Decor: How to Make an Arch with PVC Pipe

This DIY Christmas archway adds a joyful glow to your outdoor space.

Christmas archway with garland and rope light

Get creative with additional decorations or colors to personalize your arch.

My family decided they preferred to wrap the rope lights around the arch instead of having them hang down at the top.

DIY Christmas light archway

Try making your own DIY Christmas arch and share your results in the comments below.

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  • Katen Katen on Dec 23, 2023
    Great inspiration. If you don’t have ground to sink in pipes you could get bucket of quick crete, mix, drop in sleeve (slightly larger diameter than posts; home centers sell 12 or24” lengths so you don’t have to cut) and proceed as you describe. Limitless ways to decorate. Me? I’d add pipe insulation or pool noodles to give something for decorations to stick to and not slide (pipe insulation has slit to slip on and is black, pool noodles could be slit and are thicker but many colors which may be a pain). I like this as customizable, easy and nice frame to entry. I like arches too but not everyone has set up to accommodate. Not just for Christmas either and not just for front entry; easy assembly so maybe for festive party in yard? Piñata maybe. To many ideas! Thanks for sharing
  • Lal50354761 Lal50354761 on Dec 23, 2023
    Love this idea! So many possibilities. Thanks for sharing.