How to Decorate Battery-Operated Candles in 2 Different Ways

by Theartge

This DIY project is all about making your battery-operated candles look festive for the holidays. I'll show you two simple methods to transform them into charming decorations.

First, we'll work on candles with a wax surface. You'll learn how to prep them, add ferns and berries, and make them look beautiful. Next, we'll work on plastic battery-operated candles. You'll find out how to set them up, melt wax, and add decorations.

By the end, you'll have safe and stunning candles to brighten up your holiday season. Let's get started on these Christmas candle ideas!

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How to decorate battery-operated candles

1. Battery candle with wax

Removing the packing from the candle

Remove packaging

Take any plastic off of the fake candles.

Using a heat gun to prep the surface

Use a heat gun to prep the surface

What I'm doing is I'm prepping the surface with a heat gun

Sticking the ferns to the candle

Stick the ferns to the candle

Now take your fern or whatever you're going to be sticking down onto the candle, heat it up, and then slowly start to stick it down.

I'm using a heat gun for most of this craft just because it is a bit easier. Heat guns, however, can make stuff really hot, so do keep that in mind whenever heating up any of your wax.

Sticking the berries in the candle

Stick the berries in the candle

Now for these little berries, as long as you heat the wax, if it's a larger and thicker one of these fake light-up candles, you can just stick it right in.

2. Plastic battery candle

Taping the bottom of the candle

Tape the bottom

Now for this one, which is the dollar store one, you want to make sure that you tape the bottom. If you get any candle wax down here, it's not going to work anymore.

Taping the bottom of the container

Place the candle in a container

Tape the bottom of a container. You can also use a takeout container, just make sure you cut off the bottom of it.

Placing the candle in the container

After it's taped and sealed, flip it over, line up the candle that you have right in the center, and the tape on the other side will help it stick down.

Cutting the wax with a knife

Melt an old candle

This candle here, I'm just going to go and cut little pieces out of it because it needs to be cut down to go and make it easier to melt.

There are a couple of different ways that you can melt this. You can use your heat gun, which I did use on and off throughout this craft or you can put this container into some boiling water and let it melt.

Placing the berries and ferns in the container

While that candle wax is melting, I'm going to cut some more of these little ferns, some of these berries, and also just some of these little plastic pieces that are also on this floral arrangement.

Before you pour any wax, start to arrange everything on the sides. Take your ferns, take your berries, take everything, and put it in. Make sure to look to see where there are open spaces, and then start to go and pour your candle wax.

Pouring the wax into the container

Pour the wax

You're going to want to layer this multiple times. If you just pour it all in at the same time, some of your stuff might start to float up. Continue to go and pour more of this, layer it, and now it needs to sit for at least 24 hours.

Sliding the candle out of the container

It's been 24 hours now, so let's go and get this out. Go and move the sides of your container, and take off the tape at the bottom. It should take a couple of seconds; you don't want to crack your candle.

Move the container around a little bit, and this should slide right out.

Cleaning up the sides with a heat gun

Clean up the sides

Clean up the sides a bit with your heat gun, let it cool down, and now you can place these in your home.

How to decorate battery-operated candles

How to decorate battery-operated candles

These light-up Christmas candles are so cute, really easy to make, and safe enough to put under your Christmas tree this year. Which candle is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Have a happy holiday season!

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