TV Dish - A Garden Eyesore

Barbara Stanley
by Barbara Stanley
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A TV dish is a necessary but aggravating structure in my garden border...not exactly garden art! I wanted to make it less obtrusive and decided to try to paint it to better blend in with the foliage and add a screen to hide the post.
I scrubbed the metal dish with a scrubber pad and soapy water and dried it well. After covering the receiver (the little round knob on the front arm) with masking tape I spray painted the dish and arm with flat green paint that I already had on hand. I also lightly sprayed a different green to soften the color and give it a more camouflaged effect.
To screen the post I placed an old galvanized gate from my flea market garden junk stash on a metal stand salvaged from the local landfill. I painted the gate with Valspar "Spring Sprout". I planted a pink mandevilla vine in a pot that I already had. By frost it should mostly cover the trellis and hide the post.
While no one would mistake the dish for a bloom or a piece of art, it doesn't offend my sensibilities nearly as badly when I admire my late Summer/Fall garden border!
Suggested materials:
  • Green spray paint, 2 colors for dish; Valspar "Spring Sprout" for gate   (Lowe's)
  • Galvanized gate   (thrift store)
  • Wrought iron stand   (metal recycling at landfill)
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  • Bgd1823167 Bgd1823167 on Sep 03, 2016
    Does paint interfere with the reception of signals in any way?
  • Alta Toler Alta Toler on Sep 05, 2016
    Love your cottage garden. What is the name of the reddish tall grass? It stands out because of the height and the color contrast.
  • Catherine Godwin Catherine Godwin on Sep 06, 2016
    Is AT&T okay with this? I would hate to get charged for a satellite dish.
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  • Jane R. Jane R. on Sep 06, 2016
    I never heard of a satellite dish being installed on the ground. Where I live they are always on the roof.
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    • Barbara Stanley Barbara Stanley on Sep 25, 2016
      We have the same problem sometimes, so ground level makes for much easier snow removal.
  • Martha Hinkle Martha Hinkle on Sep 25, 2016
    You did a good job! My problems is a septic tank system that is just out in the yard and I have no way to hide it!
    • Barbara Stanley Barbara Stanley on Sep 25, 2016
      I have the same issue! We have 3 large concrete pipe collars in our back yard and I've yet to figure out a way to hide them.