M&M Christmas Trees

These M&M Christmas trees are a favorite decoration of everyone in my family. They are so bright and cheery, and I love bringing them out each Christmas!
To make them, you need:

- m&ms

-styrofoam cones

-green, brown and red paint

-toilet paper roll

-glue gun or craft glue (it will take a lot longer without a glue gun, but you can do it)

-ribbon and toothpicks

-spray varnish

Paint your trees green (or red, depending on which color m&ms you're going to use).

Cut the toilet paper roll in half - this is going to be your trunk. Trace it onto the bottom of your tree and use a kitchen knife to cut a little trench around the line you just traced - when the tree is ready for the trunk, you'll place it in the little trench you just cut for extra stability (I also have one that I just glued to the bottom and it seems fine, so you have that option too).
Once the paint is dry, use your glue gun to apply m&m's to the tree. Read the full post for tips on creating this craft without a glue gun (which you can totally do, it will just take longer).

Add three rows of brown m&ms to your tree trunk, leaving a bit exposed to stick into the little trench you cut out on your tree.

When the trunk and tree are completely dried, glue around the top of the trunk (the exposed, cardboard part) and place it in the trench under the tree. I think this gives it a little extra stability, but if you want to just glue it to the bottom of the tree - or go trunk-free! - you should be fine.

If you want to add something to the top, tie a cute bow with your ribbon and glue to a toothpick. Stick the toothpick into the top of the tree between m&ms (there are lots of cute things you could use to top it with, but I just really loved the bows...and I had cute Christmas ribbon on hand!).

Spray with a varnish to preserve.
See the full post for more details and info about how I store them...this will their third Christmas and they are as bright as they were the day I made them!
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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