Outdoor Christmas Lighting Tips

Ever wonder how some people get their Christmas lights looking so professional? Well, some actually do hire professionals! So we went to the source and interviewed an expert with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives about how do-it-yourselfers can get that professional look, too. We think you'll really love learning tips like how to attach Christmas lights and how many strings of lights can be added without causing an issue, as well as the best type of lights to use - we sure did!
One of the best tips is to choose LED lights and why you'd want to - they've come a long way in the last few years and now come in many colors.
The spacing of lights is another thing to think about - different spacing for different applications, like 2-1/2 to 4-inch for edging a roof vs. 6-inch on evergreens.
We discuss safety issues, too, including the amount of lights you can string together and to use a timer. Did you know LED lights almost eliminate the how-many-lights-you-can-string issue because if you use 300 watts of incandescence you are going to only use 30 watts of LED? So you can add a whole bunch more lights on LEDs without getting into a wattage issue or where the ground fault starts to kick off.
And a super tip about wrapping trees? Use a telescoping paint roller, adapted into a hook at the end, to effortlessly light a tree!

You can find even more tips - and listen to our interview on our podcast - by visiting our site!
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