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When we think modern, we think sleek and simple, no fuss no muss...

It can also feel a little barren—even cold, perhaps. But we’re turning this up a notch; we want to bring you back to the basics of modern design, adding just enough personality to make it feel your own. Think crisp walls, dark and dramatic elements with a purpose, and graphic “in-your-face” art. What you see is what you get. Ditch the clutter in favor of statement pieces. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide here.

Here’s our take on a Modern Master and just how to get this impactful look.

The Color Palette:

The color palette in modern design is KISS (Keep It Simple Silly). Here we stuck the foundational elements of paint and wallpaper -- VERY monochromatic; black, white and gray all day. This allows us to give the room a tidy base on which to add thoughtful, minimalist layers. In this room, we went with white walls for airiness and opted for satin black doors to provide that stark contrast. We painted the ceiling a deep gray to keep it neutral yet impactful, and bring in an extra layer of depth

What about COLOR?! Well you KNOW we can’t live without color, it’s just not possible. Adding in pops of color not only adds visual interest, it adds the character that is often left out of Modern designs. Classic with just a hint of playfulness. Think Mona Lisa’s smirk!

Base Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore Simply White, Benjamin Moore Satin Black; Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

Accents: Marigold, Red, Navy

The Accent Wall:

Modern art has many definitions but is often described as having simplified colors and definitive forms. Bring in the hands! You can’t get more graphic than a wallpaper made up of black and white hands in various poses. It keeps with our original monochromatic base palette and has a crisp design, which helps tie in the composition of this curated Modern Master. You feeling a little handsy now? Hands wallpaper is available from Pottok Prints in two background color choices.

The Furniture:

A Modern Master calls for functional furniture. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, then there’s not much use for it here. We kept to the essentials with a straightforward platform bed frame in white. The Mid-century dresser already had those clean lines we were looking for, but painting the surround gave it a new lease on life. We paired it with another mid-century piece in smooth white leather and walnut to keep the furniture pieces all coordinated, like a good mani-pedi.

Decor & Accessories:

Accessorizing the Modern Master is a practice in balancing simplicity with splashy. Just because it’s modern doesn’t mean you should ditch the personality. Nobody likes a fuddy duddy. Your pieces need to be intentional and have an unmistakable presence about them! Marigold velvet curtains break up the monotony while bringing in another dimension of texture and color. A bright red vintage fondue pot gets repurposed as a planter, because ain’t nobody got time for placing 10 throw pillows while making the bed. One graphic lumbar pillow is all this white bedding needs to say oh heyyyyyy there... wink.

Since the Modern style is based off an art movement, adding the right piece here was important. An oversized abstract piece is the perfect finishing touch. The neutral setting gives us an opportunity for the art to speak for itself in that fearless color palette. Sure there’s a little pink in there, but there is nothing shy about this piece… We drew from the color palette of this painting to select accessories and decor that play nice together.

Knowing modern design is all about functionality and form. We used wall hooks to organize and display handbags. Sure gives you another good reason to splurge on that Prada when it doubles as art, AMIRITE?

A neutral rug and bedding allows accessories that pack a punch to become stars of the show. A Vintage mid-century table lamp fits in with the clean modern style, and brings in more of that glorious mustard yellow. The round brass wall mirror adds a little metallic sheen and breaks up the angles of the rectangular dresser. The patterned fabric bench cushion balances out the abstract art on the other end of the room and everybody lives “happily ever after”. 

Are you feeling the Modern Master Moment? Well then. Let’s do it, shall we? Keep to a tight color palette and bring in bold color and graphics with restraint. Think functional furniture but consider clean form. And don’t forget the personality. You can achieve this with minimal clutter, bold lines, a strong statement and editing eye. Modern means not conforming to traditional rules. Own it. And don’t apologize about it.

This post is brought to you by Hometalk's room makeover service. Making your home look like these photos shouldn't be tricky. That’s why we offer all-inclusive design + renovation packages. Schedule your free consult today!

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