DIY Starburst Mirror

An easy project that turns out absolutely beautiful!
For this project, I used 1 can of cheap black spray paint, 1 pack of bamboo skewers( all will not be used),simply snipped to small, medium and large size. 1 4" wooden sewing hoop, I used the hoop that would tighten. 24 1" craft mirrors, and 1 6" makeup mirror, drill with a 1" drill bit. I painted the skewers first, and as I waited, I drilled the holes in the hoop( didn't measure each hole, just eyed). Then, I put the skewers in pointed end first and glued with a hot glue gun. You will see that the skewer around the tightening screw will look off, just glue it to the screw. Now, I placed my 1" mirrors before I glued to make sure that's where I wanted them. After I glued those, I then placed the 6" mirror in the center. Waa-Laa I had a beautiful starburst mirror
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