Repurposed Medallion Into Pretty Mirror

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4 Hours
Hi Hometalkers !
I was walking around my neighborhood the other day and in the middle of the street I saw a ceiling medallion, it was trash day so I picked it up, brought it home, cleaned it up and then I did this...

After I cleaned it up I knew I was going to paint it because it was plain white and I'm in color mode so I started to paint... then I thought, "Wait, what am I going to do with this? I don't need a ceiling medallion or an umbrella stand top ."
Well, I'll just see what it looks like after I paint it.
All the painting is done, now what? Maybe I'll put it outside... what about some lights? I have all kinds of different colors and types. Here are a few I was thinking about.
Red? What about lights and...
some glow in the dark Mod Podge?
No , I decided to add glass gems in red and a small mirror! It sparkles in the light! I love finding things like this and making them pretty!
I'm not sure where I'll hang it yet, probably outside. My piles are getting smaller- still on the purge!

Thanks for looking, love comments!

 out people!

Suggested materials:
  • Medallion   (Curbside find)
  • Paint   (on hand)
  • Glass gems   (on hand)
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  • William William on Jun 11, 2017
    This is different. This is creative. This is genius. It looks great. I make a lot of clocks and this idea would work for me.

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    • Katie West Katie West on May 16, 2018

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  • Wendy Wendy on Jun 12, 2017
    I love it Jennifer! Great idea :)

    • Jennifer Jennifer on Jun 12, 2017
      Thanks Wendy! I stepped out of my box, I usually don't do flowery type stuff ;-) Still don't know if I will keep it or give it away.