Easy Decorative Pillow Tutorial & A Giveaway

Happy Friday, my crafting friends! Getting a new sofa can be a big occasion. There can be so much excitement around choosing a piece of new furniture, especially a sofa, and having it delivered to the space. Unfortunately that gorgeous looking sofa that you fell madly in love with probably comes with stock pillows. No biggie! Paint-A-Pillow is the perfect solution to your stock pillow problem. Simply pick your pattern, fabric paint color, and craft your own DIY accent pillow. Let's take a look at how one of our DIY bloggers painted new throw pillows for her new sofa.
Cutting Edge Stencils shares how to create DIY throw pillows using the Oasis Paint-A-Pillow kit.
The Oasis Paint-A-Pillow kit comes with everything you need to make one fabulous pillow.
Using a stencil brush to paint the Oasis stencil pattern.
Three colors were used to create this pretty DIY pillow.
Life the stencil to reveal the design.
Add metal studs to complete the look.
A pretty DIY painted pillow. This pillow was created using the Oasis Paint-A-Pillow kit and Jacquard fabric paint by Always Never Done.

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