7 Wonderful Ways to Use Washi Tape

Washi tape, or Japanese masking tape, is our new favorite crafting tool! This stuff is way better than ordinary tape – by sticking it on a few common household items, you can effortlessly go from boring to awesome. Washi tape comes in a ton of bright and colorful patterns and can be found at most hobby supply stores. There's even an entire blog called Washi Tape Crafts dedicated to this fun design trend! Plus, the tape is almost as strong as duct tape, so it’s just as functional as it is pretty.
Ready to get obsessed with washi tape, too? Here are seven clever ways to use it around the house:
Warning: These amazing ideas may trigger a strong desire to spend the rest of the day crafting and decorating!
Bling out a bottle.

Move over, spray paint! There’s a better way to decorate your bottles. First, remove any labels from your glass bottles (you can speed up the process by soaking them in hot water). Then, wrap washi tape around them in a design of your choice. Wrap horizontal layers around the center, base or neck of the bottle, or go vertical like this lovely step-by-step from Jessica at How About Orange. Then, all it takes is a flower or two, and you’ve got a killer vase.
Decorate your walls.

Oh, the possibilities. If you want to add some life to your walls, layer different patterns atop each other on a few blank canvases. Or, transform your favorite photo! Line the matting of your photograph with the pattern of your choice, or cover a flat frame with tape like Andrea from The Cottage Market.
Improve your gift wrap.

Go the extra mile for someone special and get creative with your gifting! Whether it’s for party favors, a baby shower or the holidays, this is a surefire way to add some originality to your gifts. Upgrade a paper birthday card with a few strips of tape or simply wrap your gift in Kraft paper and drop some washi tape stripes on that beast.
Get organized.

Put washi tape to work! It’s a great way to add a splash of color to your home office space. Color code your cords to keep them organized or add a little flair to your desk calendar.
Stir cocktails.

Are we the only ones already thinking about backyard cookouts and summer cocktails? Doubt it! Add some style to your favorite beverage by making a drink stirrer with washi tape. Just attach a piece of tape to the end of a toothpick and fold the tape onto itself.
Spice up kid’s projects.

The fun designs and patterns of this tape make it the perfect decorating sidekick to your kid’s creative projects. Add a pop of color to the playroom by creating a temporary mural like Nina’s from Ninainvorm! The straight lines of washi tape are great for creating the outlines of houses, trees and chimneys. Plus, they can be cut to form more rounded shapes with a pair of scissors (and some patience). Note: Like traditional masking tape, Japanese washi tape shouldn’t harm the paint on your walls and is easy to remove.
Make magnets.

Chances are, you have a couple of magnets on your fridge that you didn’t buy (or ask for). We like to call these “junk mail magnets.” While a business giving you magnets to help you remember the company name is a nice gesture (sorta), they’re rarely attractive. Change that! Peel off any paper attached to the flat magnet, or stick a white mailing label over the front. Then, cover the face of the magnet with washi tape! Cut the magnet in half and trim the ends unevenly to give it the appearance that the “tape” has been torn.
More wonderful ways to use washi tape: http://bit.ly/WashiWonders
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