An Old Lantern and a Old Louver Door Into Something Nice

3 Materials
30 Minutes
This is just something simple ! turning something old into something new again we all have something floating around that could do with a new lease of life so grab some paint and have a go  This project was very simple and even great for kids and only take about 20 min each item

So I started with my 2 old pieces the lantern and the louver door a bit of a clean to remove any old dust and dirt before I begin
started painting and didnt try to make the paint neat as I really like the old look and it gives it real character:)
Yahh the door is done :D took only about 20 min to do . let it sit in the sun to dry . I love the teal colour and the chalk paint is so easy to work with and does dry very quickly ! now to move on the the lantern :D
almost all painted now that didn't take long :) and wow even the old batteries in the light started to work :D Remember we don't want it painted perfect we like a little bit of a rustic look!!! So they match
all done and took about 20 min also :) I'm so happy with how this is coming along

so now put it altogether with a flower I had and a little monk statue and this s how to turn trash to treasure :) ame I have a really pretty little area :) thank your for taking the time to have a look I really enjoyed making this
Suggested materials:
  • An old lantern and a old loover small door   (I had it floating around out the back yard)
  • Teal chalk paint   (Kmart (Australian. Walmart))
  • Paint brush   (Kmart (Australian Walmart))
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