Beading a Cow Skull Found in the Canyon

Jessica Byrnes
by Jessica Byrnes
A friend from Cortez, Colorado, brought me a cow skull about a year ago, and asked me to bead it for her. I had never done anything like it, but got me interested in finding some skulls of my own...... I already collect deer antlers and love them.
Walking in the canyon.
I was recently walking in canyons not far from where we live in South West Colorado, and found 2 cow skulls laying on the ground. They both had bullet holes in them and were dusty and cobwebbed. I cleaned them up, painted them White with regular acrylic house paint....
I keep mason jars full of old beads, jewelry, buttons, shells, coins, pebbles, etc., usually for mosaics. Then I got a tub of ACRYLPRO, Ceramic Tile Adhesive, which is ready-mixed and easy to work with a small spatula.
The Cow Skull beaded for Sherry
I selected a pattern in my head - after looking at other people's designs from the web and Pinterest - and stick the beads and shells straight onto the small area of adhesive that you have smeared onto the bone. Nothing else to it!
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