Beading a Cow Skull Found in the Canyon

Jessica Byrnes
by Jessica Byrnes
A friend from Cortez, Colorado, brought me a cow skull about a year ago, and asked me to bead it for her. I had never done anything like it, but got me interested in finding some skulls of my own...... I already collect deer antlers and love them.
Walking in the canyon.
I was recently walking in canyons not far from where we live in South West Colorado, and found 2 cow skulls laying on the ground. They both had bullet holes in them and were dusty and cobwebbed. I cleaned them up, painted them White with regular acrylic house paint....
I keep mason jars full of old beads, jewelry, buttons, shells, coins, pebbles, etc., usually for mosaics. Then I got a tub of ACRYLPRO, Ceramic Tile Adhesive, which is ready-mixed and easy to work with a small spatula.
The Cow Skull beaded for Sherry
I selected a pattern in my head - after looking at other people's designs from the web and Pinterest - and stick the beads and shells straight onto the small area of adhesive that you have smeared onto the bone. Nothing else to it!
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  • Hannah V Hannah V on Nov 02, 2015
    Absolutely amazing! I love the southwestern look is this.
  • Stw6964003 Stw6964003 on Sep 14, 2023

    Thank you for sharing this project. Love the details. How did you repair the nose section? The first picture shows the bones are gone, but the finished picture shows that you repaired it. Thanks so much.

    • Jessica Byrnes Jessica Byrnes on Sep 14, 2023

      Hi - actually I don't think I repaired it. Don't remember what I did! Maybe those beads were in strips that covered the missing bone. But thank you for your comments! Jessica Byrnes