Crochet Ice Cream Cone Garland

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Do any DIY projects take as long as you think they will? I would wager no. I found this awesome idea on Pinterest and felt like it just spoke to me. I love ice cream more than any other food so why not give it a go? Well only problem is that the pattern I found was in Dutch and sadly despite my best efforts Dutch crochet terms do not translate well to English.

After finding this cute little idea I had to find a place to put. I have a huge window in my bedroom, but it's a little ugly and in definite need of some bright color and fun!

So I picked my yarn. This is Caron simply soft yarn. It is my favorite for basically every project because it comes in every color and you get a lot for your money.

I stared at the picture with no readable instructions and tried to come up with a solution. Well the cones were really just triangles and then the ice cream was a half circle.      

First thing I did was find a basic pattern for triangles and half circles on Pinterest. I made 4 of each shape in each color. Doesn't it bug you sometimes when you don't have someone else to take pictures for you? I wanted a good shot of the actual crochet in progress but no dice. I need another hand!

Then because I hate weaving in the ends more than anything on this earth I did my best to use the ends to sew together my half circles and triangles, varying the colors.

Aren't they just so darn cute? So fun and bright!

After that I hung a long piece of black yarn across my window. My window faces east and is definitely the focal point of my room. I felt like it could use some bright spring color.

Last thing was to tie each ice cream cone to the yarn hanging over my window. Because it’s back lit by the window it’s hard to get a picture of just how bright and fun this garland is but I’m really loving it and can’t wait to wake up to it every morning!

😍 🍦

Suggested materials:

  • yarn   (any craft store)
  • crochet hook   (any craft store)

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