DIY Mz. Fru`Gal Candle Holder

Hello everyone, I mentioned in my previous post that I would do a tutorial on my DIY Fru`Gal Candle Holder. So let's get to it!
DIY materials
1. Candle stick holder.
(Can be purchased at your local craft store Like Hobby Lobby, Michael's, JoAnn`s fabric or your local Dollar Tree or .99 cent only Store)
My Candle stick was for free. It was lying around my house unused and it needed purpose.
2. A glass vase. I purchased from Dollar Tree. You can purchase yours from any of the stores I mentioned.
3. E6000 Glue. Can be purchased at any craft store or your local Wal-Mart.
That is my go to glue for alot of my Diy projects.
1. Thoroughly wash the glass vase & candle stick holder inside and out.
2. Thoroughly dry the glass vase and candle stick holder. This is necessary to do for all projects, so that it is clean of any particulars that may interfere with the process of your creation.
3. Turn over the vase so that the bottom is facing up.
4. Glue the top circumference of the candle stick and place gently on the center bottom of the vase. Firmly press down, so that the glue will firmly stick to the vase and candle stick holding them together.
5. Leave the candle holder to stay up side down for 24 hours
6. Check your candle holder to make sure that both are secure & snug.
7. Let the decor begin.....
Now that you have created your candle holder let your imagination unleash your creativity. This is a year round universal candle holder. So you can use it for more than just burning a scented candle or staging a pretty candle.

Easy Peazy as my son would say!

I will do a tutorial on the Diy universal possibilities of a candle holder.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. I would love to see what you all come up with.

Til then, DIY & be blessed!

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