DIY Pedestal Bowl

5 Materials
10 Minutes

Heres a quick and simple DIY!

And there are endless possibilities to it you just have to be creative!

For supplies you will need a large bowl any shape and any size.

Keep in mind: the bigger or smaller you choose will affect how much your bowl can hold in the end

Next I used an old leg from a furniture piece

and then get a second smaller bowl. so if the first bowl was already small you'll want this one to be a little smaller

Glue the furniture leg to the base of the bowl preferably with something strong like super glue, gorilla glue, or E-600

Next we are going to glue the smaller bowl to the base of the furniture leg.

Now that you have the shape down it's time to paint the whole thing.

I used my favorite color black matte because it matches my home

And heres what it looks like all finished!

What I love about this project is you can make all kinds of shapes and sizes of pedestal bowls, the possibilities are endless!

Let me know if you try this project in the comments below!

Suggested materials:
  • Large bowl
  • Furniture leg
  • Small bowl
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