Doctor Visit to Re-Purposed Pill Cup Project

On January 29 th. I went to see a Cardiologist to get clearance that my heart was in good enough shape to handle an upcoming hernia surgery in February. Some of what I shared with the doctor caused her some concern, so I was to be admitted to have a stress test on saturday. Later on friday it was discovered that the test would not be necessary since I indeed had had a heart incident. Now this does lead to the following project but not until after I had a heart cath on monday that then led to bypass surgery on thursday the 4 th. which after led me to start collecting the pill cups to put to additional noble use. A bit more on the background story is at my web site.
I was being given pills several times a day before and after the tests and surgery but it did not register until a day or so before leaving the CCU that I should have saved the cups. Silly heart distraction. Yet what an worthwhile bedside stand or table piece they make. They are small and wont get in the way of nurse and doctor care. A family member or friend can place a small card or photo in the fork to boost the patient's spirit and change it up when desired.
Needed for this quick and easy project is some pill cups; plaster of paris; a shortened clear plastic fork; small artificial flower and greenery; a small photo of your choice or 3'' by 5'' note card; a cup to mix the plaster ; and some paint and brushes; Spray paint for a solid color will work fine too. water and a stir stick.
I first painted the cup a solid light blue, then added a simple outdoor flower scene on top. Again a solid color works fine or adding a simple pattern.
To portion the plaster I spooned some in to each of the cups to give me an idea of what would be needed . And though it can't be seen well in this photo I used a small amount of window silicone as the glue for the flower that would be added. In some of the other cups I used a small amount of foam sealer for the glue. I got ahead of myself. after mixing the plaster with water it was scooped in to the cup and the clear fork was placed near the edge the back facing in.
Any color fork would do, I figured that clear would be less distracting and the tines do not hide any of the photo. I cut the handles some so that the fork was not so pronounced ( less likely to be in the way). The photos are from Deposit and since I am donating these holders they can be used.
K cups would work really well too. So if you want to use some in this way and see if your area hospital will accept them for patients great.
These are K cups Only slightly bigger but likely on hand. Even the bend of the tines works well for a photo or card the bend inward lets a reclined patient see it. And if the are able to sit upright the card placed the other way lets it be seen or read comfortably. GOOD CRAFTING.
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Anne jocelyn C Anne jocelyn C on Apr 20, 2016
    Now what??? Cards Jr is a Cards/Cups Sr???? Hahaha....... Keep creating such beautiful things, from your REFRESHING HEART!!!

    • Phillipcardjr Phillipcardjr on Apr 20, 2016
      @Anne jocelyn C Hello! Cup Sr. is good. Thankyou for the compliment: guess the Doc did right by repairing mine. Will keep paying it forward.

  • Tiffany B. Tiffany B. on Oct 11, 2020

    I can't express how much I love this idea and the story behind it! Thank you so much for this inspiration. I will hopefully be able to do this or something very similar with my daughter. Bless your heart...literally