Empty Bottle Transformed to a Beach Beauty

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1 Hour

I don't know what gets me thinking more...empty boxes or empty bottles! What can I make with it? How can I repurpose it? This is one such recycle project using an empty liquor bottle. I loved the handle on it because it reminded me of old fashioned jugs.

Bare Bones to Start With

First the label got soaked off and the bottle got washed out completely with the stopper removed.

Macrame Addition

Next, I decided on the macrame style of tying it to look like fish netting around the body of the bottle. .

Starter String

To start I tied jute string around the neck with long strings evenly attached to the starter rope, those strings were 4X the height of the bottle.

Tying Knots

The next step is to take two strings as shown below from a previous project and begin tying knots in rows, twisting the bottle around as you tie. Do a full circumference and then proceed tying the next row. Continue this pattern until you've reached the bottle base.

Completed Look

You'll see its completed with rounds of string to finish off the base and also to accent the neck. Held in place with the help of Aleene's Tacky glue. The starfish accent, can you guess where I fished that from?

Tablecloth Weights to Accent

Lol, they were picnic tablecloth weights bought at a dollar store in an after season discount sale! Winner, winner chicken dinner!

Topping it Off

To seal off the top instead of using the original stopper it came with I added a seashell and glued some jute string around the neck treads to hide them. It was the perfect touch to add on for my beach decor look that I was aiming for. The other starfish bottle seen here was also a repurposed liquor bottle, who says repurposed isn't pretty?

Displaying the Bottle

Here I've placed it beside a jar of small driftwood pieces I collected and a little, fishing buoy.

One Last Look

Lastly I'm sharing it with previously posted bottle makeovers, these were cobalt blue ,iceberg beer bottles. The instructions for those are shared in a previous post that you might also find helpful in your upcycling attempt. I really hope that I inspired you to go digging through your recycle bin to find a nice, glass bottle to turn into a beauty!

Suggested materials:
  • Recycled Liquor Bottle   (Recycle Bin)
  • Jute String   (Dollarama)
  • Aleene's Tacky glue   (Walmart)
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