Faux Antique Iron Vents Covers

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We have spent the better part of years building out home - we do much more work inside in the winter and much more on the yard outside in the summer.
we have gone with an old style in our basement with bead board, wainscoting large more ornate trim etc., and decided we wanted pretty vents.
When we saw the cost, I decided, Umm nope, I can make those!
This is a picture of our temporary vent cover. Although not ugly, I don't like it!.
This is the original old vent cover, we had 4 from our last home. The problem is none of the 4 match or are the same size.
So we had scroll saw replicas made of wood. The wood is 1/8 inch thick plywood. Thank you to my friend Terry for the scroll saw work!
Paint them black with latex paint, they overcoat with some silver and white acrylic paint
after the white
One more coat with a 1/2 dry brush over the white with black acrylic artists paint.
The vent cover, in place. I am still trying o decide if I should paint the tile under it black or leave it like this.
Another style in place in the coffee room "Le Café"
I love my vents covers!

Suggested materials:

  • 1/8 in thick plywood
  • Paint

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  • Tanya Green Tanya Green on Mar 10, 2020

    Hi! I love DIY, thank you for sharing. I don't see the DIY to make the circle vent; where would I find that?


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  • K. Rupp K. Rupp on May 04, 2019

    Beautiful! I love this idea. Iron Vent covers like that are so expensive. I needed to buy one and decided against it because it was too much. This idea is a great alternative!

  • Shannon house Shannon house on Sep 18, 2020

    I did some thing similar, but without any artistic skills, I bought a rubber mat, spray painted it white and blue, and added some fake foliage to dress it up