Fluid Painting Using Unicorn SPiT

Stephanie Cooley Gibson
by Stephanie Cooley Gibson
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I seen a neat painting style on u tube called fluid painting using metallic paints and thinner, it looked very fun. I love to paint but I paint furniture and household items, I really wanted to give this a try on canvas. Remembering the very versitile(can be used on wood, glass, metal,fabric, just about anything you want)amazing Unicorn SPIT I thought I would give it a shot.
I started by doing a light layer of Gesso on a 16x20 canvas. Then I chose my Unicorn SPIT colors, using blue thunder, purple hill majesty, white ning and pixie punk pink I put a little in the bottom of some squirting bottles I picked up that are like the picnic bottles you use. I watered the spit down 50/50 with water and gave the bottles a light shake.
As you can see it didnt take much spit at all. Next I did random squirting making small circles all over the canvas, then going inside of those circles I squirted a different color.
I randomly filled the canvas with layered circles until most of it was covered. Then I picked up the canvas and tilted it in different directions until it was completely covered and set it back down on the wood blocks and finger painted in on the sides (my favorite thing about using Unicorn SPIT is you get to get your hands in it and the wonderful jasmine smell!)
This completed the abstract painting, I love all of the marbled effects!!
I let this sit and dry over night. Another fun thing about the Unicorn SPIT is it dries to a matte chalky finish, your seal layer the colors pop and are so very vibrant!!
I sealed this with high gloss spray laquer by rustoleum. You have to use an oil based sealer over your spit, I was absolutely thrilled with the results, it is difficult to capture all of the beautiful colors in picture! I can't wait to get more canvases and try more of all the wonderful spit colors!!
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn Spit   (Unicornspit.com)
  • 16x20 canvas   (Walmart)
  • Gesso   (Walmart)
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  • FloraRosa FloraRosa on Mar 07, 2018

    That turned out absolutely beautiful!! 😊

    i have a question... when you say you applied gesso, did you let the gesso completely dry??

    I did a canvas before I saw your post, with white acrylic paint still wet and then I put Unicorn Spit over areas of that wet acrylic paint. I then put wax paper over the entire canvas & used my fingers to blend the UNicorn Spit.

    it turned out really lovely but then some of the areas had small cracking after it dried— must have been because of the white acrylic paint was maybe too heavy in spots.

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