Gift Bags Turned Wall Art

1 Hour
How many of you collect gift bags? It’s not exactly intentional it just sort of happens. You receive a gift and it comes in the cutest bag ever. So what do you do? You say this is nice, I’ll save it to use it to give a gift to someone else next year. Before you know it you’ve built up a little collection of gift bags. Well that’s what I do. Hahaha.
I’m going to show you what you can do with those gift bags lying around collecting dust while creating, affordable decoration for your home for the holidays. This is a great last minute trick. Display those beautiful bags on the wall in a gallery showroom style. Using reclaimed flooring I’m going to show you how to make picture frames to display your old gift bags.
This project can really be done with any type of scrap wood. I will be using old cedar wood flooring at I found while exploring a local thrift store near me that sells
I had a stack of reclaimed cedar wood flooring
and a pile of gift bags collected from holidays past
So what do I do. Well I cut up the gift bags
And I use the flooring to make frames
I screwed a metal clip to the flooring.
And I had new clip board wall art where I could display all my old gift bags for everyone to see.
It perfectly adds to my holiday decorations.
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