Glamper Craft

Hubby and I are headed in a new direction in a few months. We are going to become campers, but we have no idea what we are doing. After months of shopping for a trailer, we decided on a very small trailer called a Casita. Casita travel trailers are located a short day trip away from us in Rice, Texas. We won't actually get it until August, but I've already named her Butterbean, and started thinking about what Glamper crafts I could make..Lol. I came across my chipped fairy I bought at a resale shop months ago, and decided I'd use her for my first Glamper craft.
I wanted her perched on top of the camper giving it a good scrubbing, so I decide to use a lotion bottle that was almost empty for the trailer. Casita trailers are white fiberglass so it was perfect. I used a marker and paint to put on the window and door after cleaning the bottle. Later on I used glue and glitter to outline them.
I painted and antiqued a little tray to have something to glue everything to. I used a pot lid knob detailed with paint for the tire. And, I used a marker and paint for the bottles pump which became the trailers hitch. I actually unscrewed this, cut off the bottles neck, and glued flowers over the hole. I moved the pump down, it just didn't look right that high.
I used cut up Styrofoam packing material, glue, and glitter for the suds.
I added floral foam, moss, and flowers around the trailer, and I added sun rays from craft jewels.
I used a blue cap found in my craft stuff for the spare tire and cover on the back. I added the lettering with stick on letters.
I hope you enjoyed my first Glamper craft, I had loads of fun making it! We are very excited about our new adventure, and I can't wait to see how this looks inside Butterbean! :-)
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