How To Make Candles Last Longer

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I get really bummed when one of my delicious smelling candles still a lot of wax but the wick poops out. That's one reason I won't spend $27 on a jar candle anymore that, and my local Ollies sells American Home, by Yankee Candle for $7.99. They're awesome too, smell great, burn great but still poop out sooner than I'd like so I'm extending their lives. Here's how...

Here she is, all sad and smoky because the wick wasn't a trooper.

Wick is fried, wax smells fabulous
Shallow pan, candle, ceramic saucer

Step one: heat water in a shallow pan.

Step two: set the candle in the pan of hot water. ***⚠️be cautious that the glass doesn't get too hot because it can break! ***

The wax is melting in the hot water bath.

Step three: carefully pour the melted wax into the ceramic saucer

[from wax melter]. Consider placing a paper towel or plate beneath the saucer in case of a spill.

If the glass is very hot please use oven mits or the like to protect yourself

Step four: Allow the wax to cool ^ harden completely.

She lives to carry on scenting my home

Step Five: Place the saucer on top of the wax burner and enjoy 😉

Suggested materials:
  • American Home Jar Candle   (Ollies)
  • Frying pan   (Xmas)
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  • Nancy Nancy on May 15, 2022

    I also love to use up every last bit of my candles. When they burn too low and the wick is fried, I heat a saucepan of boiling water and remove it from the stove. Set the pan on an old towel and place the candle jar in the hot water for a few minutes. The wax will start to melt and then I Break up the wax with a knife, into small pieces. I use these pieces in my electric and tealight tart burners. When the fragrance is all used up, I put the saucer of wax in the freezer for about 2 hrs. The frozen wax pops right out to discard and we can begin the process again. If you use a soy candle, pop the candle jar in the top rack of the dishwasher and recycle for another purpose.

  • Lise Lise on May 18, 2022

    I bought a candle warmer for about $8 because I hated the uneven burning of any candles. Once I burn the candle a couple times or get to the midway point of whatever size candle I'm using I put it on the candle warmer. This evenly heats the wax from the bottom up and re-levels the top of the candle so it's even and like new. No more guttering or wick that gets fried too soon so I get much longer use of the candle so no waste. I hope this is helpful to someone.

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    • Rhonda Rhonda on May 18, 2022

      That’s a great idea, thank you. I have several candles where the wicks have fizzled out and there’s plenty of candle left.