How To Make DIY Cut Out Wall Art Using Stencils

We recently spotted one of our trendy stencil patterns on a Home Made Simple episode. This short video shows viewers how they can easily add a burst of color to their home using a stencil to create cut out wall art.
What is Home Made Simple?

Home Made Simple, is a Daytime Emmy award winning lifestyle program on the Oprah Network. It's all about helping people makeover their spaces and repurpose their favorite items. It features Soleil Moon Frye, as the host, and her team of experts, including our stencil designer Kim Myles. The experts use a series of clever ideas and simple do it yourself projects to makeover the space for the big reveal. You can watch the show on Saturdays at 9am/8c on OWN but if you missed our stencil feature then watch it here
Kim Myles is one of our stencil designers and a regular on Home Made Simple. In this episode, she shares an easy DIY project to add a burst of color to a space. In a matter of two minutes, she shows viewers how to trace and cut your way to a beautiful wall art display. Here's how she did it.

First you're going need this stuff listed below:

Large Poster Paper

Colored Backing Paper

A stencil (for this project the African Kuba Craft Stencil was used)


Blue Painter's Tape


Hot Glue Gun


Staple Gun

Two 1" X 2" pieces of wood
1. Gather Materials: Start the stencil project by gathering all of the materials listed above.
2. Tape the Stencil: Lay the poster paper on a flat work surface. Then position the stencil pattern on the poster paper and use blue painter's tape to hold the stencil in place.
3. Trace The Stencil: Use a pencil to trace the stencil pattern.
4. Cut Out The Stencil: Carefully cut out the traced pattern using a sharp blade.
5. Apply Colored Backing: Now apply the colored backing using a hot glue gun. Line the edges of the cut poster paper with hot glue and adhere the colored back paper to it.
6. Staple Twine: Take your twine and tie a small knot at the end. Now use a staple gun to fasten the twin to the small pieces of wood.
7. Attach Decorative Wood: To attach the decorative wood pieces to the wall art use the hot glue gun again.
See how easy that was to add a burst of color using stenciled cut out wall art? Kayla and Kim had this to say about their decor project, "Wow, so easy!" We totally agree that inexpensive and simple DIY wall art is the way to go.
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