Create Your Very Own Personalized Inspiration Boards

3 Materials
1 Week
Discover where the influence comes into your creativity. Use an inspiration board to discover your personal flair! I have always wondered what fuels my creativity. I have such a huge passion to create but I have no idea where it came from. This project inspired me to dig deep into my own desires and passions. And I also learned some things about myself that I had never known.
I began by finding inspirational quotes, words, pictures, media, and objects such as textiles and textures to create with. old magazines were an excellent resource! I went to the dollar store and grabbed a giant Bristol board and while I was there, found stickers, lace, buttons, tape etc
I cut anything that drew my attention. This is my own project with stuff I like. It took me awhile to get out of people pleasing, and the train of thought: what do other people think I would like.?? It sounds silly, but it's a very challenging excersize for some people. Once you realize it's all about you, something will shift. Just watch! It's pretty cool when it happens!
Next I began sorting my cut outs to keep everything organized. I had one pile of pictures, another pile of words, designs, odds and ends and so on. The wonderful thing about this project is there are no rules! It's whatever you want.
Next I began the layout of my project. As you continue with the sorting and adding, you will most likely notice a pattern begin to evolve. I thought I liked one style and it turned out the concept and colors were completely different. You may notice the same words, colors or design. This is where the inspiration board becomes your own! It is super exciting and inspiring as HELL to see what fuels you!!
This is my end project. But I guarantee it's not done. I will continue to tweak it and add to it until I am happy. I am now going to hang it on my craft wall to get those creative juices flowing!!!
Suggested materials:
  • Bristol Board
  • Magazines
  • Whatever inspires you!! Cards, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper
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