Kids Artwork Showcase - $2 and 5 Min Project.

3 Materials
5 Minutes
I'm not a huge fan of hanging my little girl's artwork on the refrigerator. They fall off all the time, or get knocked down. It's a whole thing I go thru.. It may also be my OCD... lol

I was using thumbtacks to pin them to the wall of my office but every-time I need to change them out I had to make another tiny hole on the wall.. (more OCD problems)

So I wanted to showcase her artwork in another way. I went to the Dollar Tree (I practically live there)  in search of something that would do the trick. I wanted it to be something I could change constantly. I purchased some string and clothes pins so here it is.

Hope you like , make, and share. Enjoy!
Gets some clothespins and some markers. You can use any kind of markers, I used some Sharpie's and they worked great!
Paint some patterns on each pin. It's doesn't have to be so fancy, just fun!
I tried to make each pattern different.
Grab a thumbtack and tie the string to the head of the thumbtack. Make sure it's tight.
Tack it to the wall.
Use the clothes pins to pin the artwork to the string and..... viola you just made some space for your tiny museum ! lol
Suggested materials:
  • Clothespins   (Dollar Tree)
  • String   (Dollar Tree)
  • 4 Thumbtacks
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