Love Your State? Make It Art!

Hooray for state pride! Is your car sporting multiple Colorado bumper stickers? Will you defend the deliciousness of Maryland crab cakes with your life? Is half your wardrobe Texas Longhorns gear? Then put your state pride where your wall is with some paint-pen art! This easy project from Paint and Tofu is quick, sentimental and cost-effective!
You’ll Need:
a paint pen (or a white-out pen)
1’X1’ piece of wood
a printed state map
scissors or X-Acto knife
stain or paint
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1. Stain or paint your 1’X1’ square of wood. Kori at Paint and Tofu went with a stain, but colorful paint will work, too! Let it completely dry.

2. Cut your printed map along the state’s border with scissors or an X-Acto knife. This step can get tricky, so take your time!

3. Tape the map to the wood. Then trace it with a pencil – again, be patient and detailed!

4. Remove the map. Then trace the pencil line with a paint pen or a white-out pen.

5. Optional: Add a heart over your city or write some inspirational words inside the state.

6. Color in the state with your paint pen or white-out pen (if you added a heart or lettering in step carefully color around them).

7. Let it dry and hang it on your wall!
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