Picture Frame Challenge "Butterflies in Flight"

8 Materials
2 Hours
My butterfly Frame done in Blue and Green in honor of my sister and mother. And those like us who suffer with Neurofibromatosis. (please Google to learn more and donate if you like NF Midwest neurofibromatosis thank you)
Supplies. Wooden frame, paint, water for paint sponges ,wooden butterflies.
More supplies. Gems, sand,glitter,spray glue, and clear glue for gems,ribbon, sponge brushes, the bowl is a old take out one I use to pour the paint in.The container with blue and white lid is a water one for cleaning brushes.
Lay your newspaper down. Paint your frame and butterflies. (forgot to take picture of butterflies). You can let dry if you like depending on type of paint your using. (the paint I used called chalk paint that I got by mistake).
Paint was still wet I didn't let it dry. I use spray glue next. Spray the frame with glue and right away pour the sand on it. Added a second coat of spray glue and added my glitter.
Next I glued the butterflies on using clear glue in the bottle and then glued the gems on the butterfly. Then a dab of clear glue on the gems and and placed them around the frame. The gems on the frame are hearts and flowers. On the butterflies the gems are round. Later I will add the ribbon when and where I decide to hang it. (If I don't put it on the fireplace).( The cost on a project depends on what you already have. More if your starting from scratch. I gave what might cost from scratch depending if you have a dollar tree in your area.)
Suggested materials:
  • Chalk Paint   (Goodwill (but I think dollar tree carries it))
  • Frame   (Dollar Tree)
  • Gems   (Dollar Tree)
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