Re-Purposed Empty Pill Bottles/craft-table Decoration

Looking to find out what others had done with empty pill bottles as a craft piece, I found several practical re-purpose ideas, as well as suggestions to donate the empties to schools or over- seas groups. My project is practial in a slightly different way..the finished piece makes a nice place card holder, table decoration,and gift (maybe for Valentine's day even).
Some of the P.Bs. I will show will still have other embellishments added when their specific use is known. But these will certainly offer enough for you to do some if you find the project of interest.
Here are three pill bottle decorations that work well as message holders and recipe card holders. I had some small cards I painted at another time handy so I used them.
Needed to do this project ; pill bottles any size; plastic forks; small stones; small artificial flowers and greenery;spray paint; acrylic paint; Dow Great Stuff foam sealant;a small paint brush or two; paint thinner to clean the foam tube; and a thin blade knife.
Taking the empty bottles each was base coated . the first one had the primer applied to be painted later with acrylic. The other two were spray painted then let dry.
The small stone or two is added after the paint is dry leaving space for when the fork is added later, The stones simply give some weight to the bottom so the finished piece stays upright better. The foam is then added but only to about 2/3 rds. full, it will expand above the rim. It does take 24 to 48 hours for the foam to fully cure. But you can work with it after two to three hours, though it will still be gummy down inside.
The cured foam can be pulled out when fully hardened, should you need to adjust it. I am showing this to reveal the stone. When I first worked with the pill bottles I added the fork or spoon as you would do using plaster of Paris but prefer now to wait until the foam has cured,which allows me to move the inserted fork or flowers if need be.
These are some of the early ones when the fork or spoon was added early. I had also gotten ahead of myself regarding when one could paint something on the outside of the pill bottle if they wanted to. You can paint the P.B. right after the paint dries as was done here or wait until after you add the foam and it has cured. The plain spray painted bottle looks fine without the little side items.
After the forks are in place you can add the flowers and greenery as you like. For all of the ones I have put together I simply used whatever was available in the attic. You can develop a color scheme that goes with what you will use the finished bottles in.
The foam will yet be painted here. What I wanted to accomplish with some is to have the flower hide the fork so that when turned the other way they would look good displayed on the counter or near the phone , then turned back to hold a recipe or phone message. This way they not only get used at a church supper or elsewhere but are also practical for use at home.
It is true that you can use them just as well at home but like anything else we only have so much need around the house . But if we can give some away or use them in a craft fundraiser , or even make some available for sale( I haven't yet myself) How much more practical and fun that would be. Good Crafting All .
You can even go all out with these and add a ring of flowers. The spoon will have a sticky tab on the back to hold a place card.

Since I am updating this post today 12/4/16 it came to mind these would work just as well for a Holiday table decoration that would compliment the centerpiece.
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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