Rehab Your Pet's Collars Cheap

10 Minutes
Like many American's I am an animal lover, and as a result I have a little Zoo. With 6 cats and two dogs, keeping collars on everyone can get pricey. Leather collars hold up the best but can be pricey. As a result I found that rehabbing the collars is the cheaper alternative to buying new collars for the Zoo.
I only had to replace the leather and rivets and reuse the buckle and d-ring from the old leather collars. Additional tools you will need are a drill and hammer.
Many craft stores sell bundles of leather, I found the bags of scrap leather trims are fantastic because I get a huge assortment of colors and widths of leather for various projects for around $5. I got enough to make a small belt, and several collars in one bag of leather trim scraps.
the rivets are pretty inexpensive and you get dozens for cheap, about $2. Size the collars based on length of old collars or by adding a few inches to the circumference of your pets neck. Better to have too much than not enough length. I was making Cat collars, which only needed to be 10 inches long, so I added some for the fold where the buckle attaches.
wrap a strip of leather around the buckle and add D-ring, as the previous collar was constructed. Then with your drill holes for the two rivets to attach buckle and D-ring to collar. I used a small drill bit 1/8 for my holes.
Hammer rivets together firmly.
Drill small holes about 1/2" inch apart from the end of your collar. Leave a bit of a tail, about 1 to 1.5 inches at the end.
You should be done and ready to try the collar on your pet.
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  • Charlene Charlene on Sep 06, 2015
    Great idea! I foster for rescue groups & have used old leather belts from thrift stores. That saves the rescue groups a few pennies. :)