Pringles Can Goal Post

Planning on hosting a party for the Super Bowl this year? Grab a few cans of Pringles to snack on and then use the empty containers to create an easy goal post to decorate the table!
This requires NO special tools. Yay! I used a short paring knife, a pen and some tape to build it. Easy peasy!
I sliced the ends off one can just past the lip for the lid and the above the base. It doesn’t have to be a clean cut. Then I used the lid to trace a circle on the center of the can and cut it out with my paring knife.
Use the lid again to trace circles on the bottom of two other cans. As you can see, my circles weren’t perfect, but they work. Just don’t cut them too wide, or your posts won’t fit together.
You don’t need any glue or tape for this. Just push the pieces together and they will fit like a glove as long as you’ve used the same lid for measuring and cutting the holes.
The final can doesn’t need to be cut at all. Just shove the top into the hole cut in your center post. You may want to put some rocks into the can before you do. It will steady the finished post and keep it from getting knocked over if someone bumps into the table.
Ta Da! Isn’t it cute? :) It’s the perfect centerpiece for any football party. You can cover it with paper or blast it with some yellow spray paint for the final touch. But be warned: it takes a LOT of spray paint to get good coverage. At least the way I paint it does. I was too rushed and I tried to get it all done in one sitting. It would have been better to just spray a very light and thin coat on there and let it dry before adding more paint. My way ended up with paint dripping all over the grass. I finally wised up and let it dry overnight. The second coat was much more cooperative.
Check out the full post over on the blog to see how I made my table "cloth" for the party, as well as some fun noisemakers for the kids! Oh, and lots of yummy snacks, too! :)
Nicole Burkholder
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