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I’ve been waiting for the pyracantha to bloom. I like to use it in my November-December decorating. No holly, mistletoe, pines or fir trees to clip. Just a single bush of pyracantha, full of berries.

As Pilgrims pray
This is the centerpiece I liked the best. A resin mold, real stems with berries, fresh cranberries, the perfect vase, everything came together perfectly.

The real stuff
I gathered 7 stems of pyracantha from the bush at the corner of the house. I had 3 stems of baby’s breath with sparkles left over from flowers I received in the summer. I also used half a bag of cranberries.
My first centerpiece
Twenty years ago, when we moved from Marthaville, La., to Mesquite, Tx., many of the things I had left in storage had been flooded or broken. I realized at Thanksgiving, we had no special decorations, not even a centerpiece. I ran out to Dollar Tree with my meager budget to buy a plastic tablecloth, napkins and a centerpiece. $5 plus tax later, I walked out with one tablecloth, three packs of napkins, and this small couple of whom I am fond. They always find a place on my table.

The first arrangement
The friend who gave me flowers in this vase several weeks ago used a great florists’ trick. Cross-crossed over the top of the vase are narrow strips of clear tape. The web of tape means that flowers and greenery can be placed into the grid, helping the greenery stand in the best position, with stems in water, without styrofoam. I poured out the water and cleaned the vase, but kept the tape on top. I poured fresh cranberries into the vase, about a third full. Then I placed the pyracantha stems (7) and 3 baby’s breath stems with sparkles into the grid. This variation has autumn salt and pepper shakers around it.

My final choice, so far.
And back to this arrangement, which is my favorite. The red berries are showing up, in demur clothing. When they are fully ripe in a few days, they will be fire red (pyra-cantha).
Suggested materials:
  • A glass vase with a grid of narrow tape   (A gift)
  • Cranberries   (Walmart)
  • Pyracantha   (My yard)
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