Snack & Candy Jars for Office - Repurposed Candle Jars

2 Hours
Repurposed Harry & David Candle apothecary jars. I needed a candy and snack jar at hands reach for my office desk. (too busy for a real lunch sometimes). The collection of these candles keep growing because I love them and I continue to buy them. So I needed to put them to use.
Now I can use them for many purposes. First the Candle. A Snack jar, Chocolate candy jar, and vase for fresh flowers from the garden.
Soaked and Cleaned jars and lids several times to remove all candle wax. And removed label.
I painted the lid. First with gloss enamel, then loaded on the silver and gold glitter to cover the Harry and David imprint.
The silver and gold glitter was applied with 3 coats. I dabbed it on to create a raised- textured surface. Letting it dry between coats.
Added a crystal knob purchased from Home Depot. I punched a hole in the top and screwed the knob in place.
Added a small stencil detail by Americana, also from Home Depot, using the gold and silver glitter with a thin coat.
Glued Jars to square based crystal candle holders in different heights. The Harry and David candles are approx. $12 and well worth it. The Blueberry Muffin scent is my favorite. :-) And the glass apothecary jar will last forever. Now, what shall I do with the others stashed in my closet??? :-)
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