The Hottest Home Decor Trend: Stenciled Stairs

What's the hottest home decor trend that has all our customers in awe? Stenciled stairs! Using stencils on stair risers is a surefire way to make your stairs stand out with a high-style decorating statement! This way, pattern and interest pass from one space to another, making for a smooth transition into how others see your home. Check out these 14 stenciled stairs that will make you want to run to the paint store right now!
Stencils from Royal Design Studio
For these black and white stenciled stairs in Morocco (pictured left), we were fortunate to be able to stencil the Moroccan patterns on precut pieces of wood, which would then be later installed on the stair risers. This made the stenciling very easy as we were able to do it comfortably at tables, and didn't have to worry about squeezing the stencil into a tight space or corner. Carol Leonesio was so inspired by our Moroccan stairs that she decided she needed some of her own (pictured right) - but in bright sunny yellow! She began by painting every other stair riser yellow and white, and then alternated 4 different Moroccan Stencils on each riser. Because she had to stencil directly onto the stairs, Carol used repositionable spray adhesive to hold the stencils in place. After letting her stenciling dry, she topcoated each riser with a water-based urethane to add protection from scuff marks. Pro tip from Carol: Use a gardener's foam kneeling pad to cushion your knees from the hard floor surface!
Transport yourself to wine country and bask in the sun of Italy while surrounding yourself with elegant tile patterns. We painted these stairs (pictured left) with our Tuscan Tile Stencil - it's a perfect fit for decorating those stair risers with European design! HeartWork Organizing also had the same idea (pictured right). Her clients didn't fancy either the cost or upkeep of carpeting their stairs. Knowing their elegant upscale style opposed their small budget, she suggested painting metallic details with our Tuscan Tile Stencil directly on the stair risers - and they LOVE it! Have the same issue? Stenciled stairs with a classic European tile design is your answer!
Can you believe that these stairs (pictured left) was Karen Harrington's FIRST time stenciling??? There were lots of pretty patterns from our Border Stencils Collection used for this stairway to stencil heaven. For this amazing stair transformation, Karen used these stencils: Barcelona Border, Daisy Chain, Eastern Tile, Large Florentine Grille, Minaret Border, Moroccan Star Border, and Tray Border. The next set of stenciled stairs (pictured right) feature a lovely array of coordinating red and green colors using the Hexagons Border Moroccan Stencil, Daisy Chain Border Stencil, and Minaret Border Moroccan Stencil. It's amazing how easy it is to decorate your stairs with border stencils!
For a touch of pattern, a tone on tone finish is your best bet. Delta Girl Frames painted her way to the top with these stenciled stairs (pictured left)! Our Hexagons Border Moroccan Stencil paired with Sherwin Williams high gloss paint was the perfect addition to her sleek, modern stair way. Our Camel Bone Weave Moroccan Stencil (pictured right) is painted with flat white and our metallic Pearl Oyster Royal Stencil Crme. Look how lovely it is when the light catches it!
Our large selection of stencils come in a variety of different styles. Whether your home leans toward exotic, modern, traditional, or even art deco, we have designs for you! Dixon Specialty Finishes, LLC decorated these stairs with our Deco Diamond Stencil for a quick and easy touch of art deco pattern on the risers of her hardwood stairs. Misha's mother gave her the trendiest work of art as a housewarming gift - stenciled stairs (pictured right)! She used a variety of our Moroccan Stencils to raise the exotic factor in this stairway. See? Stencils can complement so many styles, whatever yours may be!
How great are these Herringbone stenciled stairs pictured left? It adds such a great design element to the hardwood floor without actually covering it up. Positive Space loves that stenciling can create the focal point of the room or can create a visually transitional way to connect different spaces. Also, check out the crisp, clean, and simple beauty of the stenciled stairs pictured right. The bold and stark contrast of our Chevron Stencil painted in black and white definitely mesmerizes the eyes!
Why pick a pattern when you can have them all? The left image is one of the many beautifully stenciled spaces in our office and studio! We used many custom border patterns from Modello(R) custom vinyl stencils and Faux Marquetry technique on our hardwood stairs. The stair treads themselves are alternately stained a dark brown and a warm black. We used Bona's Traffic for the topcoat. It is a commercial grade topcoat with lovely soft satin finish and has already proven it's worth as a very durable topcoat for a commercial setting. Julie Art and Artistic Finishes by Vicki were inspired by our stairs and also used a variety of Modello(R) custom stencils on these Spanish Colonial stair risers (pictured right).
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