Weekend Leaf Casting Classes

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3 Hours
Over the weekend I taught a leaf casting class at my home. The weather was perfect and everyone had a good time.
I got out everything I was going to need to teach five women how to make these beautiful leafs. I gathered rhubarb and lily leafs for a start.
I have the perfect spot to make these and to throw classes. After class we all sit and chat under the gazebo and have a little snack.
Large sand pile, buckets, bins,rhubarb leaf and portland cement. And now the fun begins. Instructions- Find a leaf that has big veins on the backside. I am using rhubarb and lily for my class. On the pile of sand you will make a dome for your leaf to lay on. Make sure it's wide enough for the entire leaf to rest on with a few inches to spare.
Cover the sand now with plastic wrap. Just over the top of your dome. the wrap acts as a barrier between the sand and the leaf. Now place your leaf on top of the plastic wrap as shown above.
Mix up your cement. I used Portland cement with no rocks. You will want the texture to be like fudge. Once mixed apply it on top of your leaf and spreading it out to the tips. Ideally concrete at the middle of the leaf will be 3/4 inch thick with the edges tapering to about 1/4 inch thick. Once you have covered your leaf now cover the wet cement with a garbage bag and secure so the bags don't blow away. Rocks or a small handful of sand on the corners works. Now let it set up 48 hours.
End result after 48 hours and it's dry very carefully you will turn your leaf over. Do not grab the edges when flipping over. Support the middle and peel out the rhubarb. You will have to use a pick in some areas of the deep veins. Once cleaned seal with a cement sealer front and back. This will protect the concrete and keep it looking beautiful. Leave it natural or use acrylic, oil, spray paint, or watercolors.
Finished and painted
Suggested materials:
  • Portland Cement
  • Sand
  • Gloves
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  • Angie Noble Angie Noble on Jun 14, 2016
    These are beautiful! This may be a dumb question but why is the sand needed?

  • Tracey T Tracey T on Jun 14, 2016
    What type of sand did you use? I hope I didn't just miss it..:)

  • Debora Johnson Debora Johnson on May 12, 2021

    What is the water to cement ratio?

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