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Hey everyone :)
here is fun & easy DIY inspired by Zoella (Zoe Sugg)
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For more detailed explanation watch the video
Copper office/room decor
glass, glue gun, coper spray paint.
take glass turn it up side down and creat small drops at the end of the glass, wait for it to dry and spray with copper paint
air dry clay, cookie cutter, copper spray paint.
roll out your clay on clean surface to 2 cm thick. then use your fingers to imitate hammered metal effect and spray with copper paint
Marble frame&pot
wooden frame, acrilic paints(white,pale grey, dark grey&grey)
first cover the wooden frame with 2 layers of white paint.
now to imitate marble effect we need to create dimention.
start by apply the pale grey in small vines with dry brush and blur them out.
repeat the same prosses but dont blur at the second time(that will create layers to the painting and look less flat)
now go back with the darker grey in smaller parts .
glass, grey&white acrilic paint, brush and ston effect spray paint.
dye the glass with grey paint and let it dry
come back with the white to cover it all up.
to finish add the stone effect by spaying it all over
hanging mirrors
faux leather, mirrors, super glue,clear plastic.
(srr but for the best explanation please watch the video above)
tnx and enjoy :)
Suggested materials:
  • Leather
  • Super glue
  • Glasses
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