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What to use for decor coffee table? Find materials for accessories that provide contrast ,making a dramatic style. Show off your unique style!

Are you always looking for ways to change your decor coffee table look? That is me! I have to find creative ways to change my modern glass coffee table. Here is a cozy coffee table decor sets to share with you.

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For a stylish cozy coffee table idea find materials for accessories and style that are opposite from the table itself. If modern glass, use a vintage wood, if wood table use glass accessories. The contrast will make for a dramatic style and a bold statement. Colors can be added by the use of natural materials; stones, plants and dry flowers to contrast the background. Show off your unique style!


Materials you select can make the biggest difference when creating a cozy look. Here are some ides to follow:


Glass Coffee TableAny Wood / Vintage Wood / Ceramic / WickerWood Coffee TableGlass / Wicker / Different Wood Texture / MetalFabric Ottoman; Wood or Metal Tray / Glass / Metal

The simpler the fabric pattern on the ottoman, the more details the accessories can have.

Keep the Decor Nostalgic Feel

The biggest thing to keep in mind, when decorating a cozy coffee table, is creating balance between the rustic materials and modern touches.

When selecting your metal finishes, make sure they are not too modern. An example of what not to use would be brushed stainless steel.

For this coffee table centerpieces living room decor I have created, use organic pieces on the sides and the more modern touches in the center with the glass vase and candle holder.

Materials and Accessories

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  • Vintage Printer Wood Drawer
  • Dry Flowers
  • Rocks
  • Book
  • Incense
  • Crystal
  • A Candle
  • Candle Holder
  • Glass Vase


The possibilities are endless! I look at what inspires me and want to admire on the coffee table. You can look at items you feel are meaningful when wanting that cozy look. What brings you joy; poetry or garden magazines, a vintage candle, an antique box, items from your travels, a vintage tray, glass domes, crystals or stones.


We have gone through the materials needed, now let’s go through how to decorate your coffee table.

  • Empty your coffee table before you start and clean it. It will create a canvas to start and that will set the direction.
  • Gather the accessories you want to use; books, vase, crystal, flowers or dry flowers, candle holders, candles and tray.
  • Look at the materials on the selection and make sure you have a good balance and contrast. See chart above as reference and get organized.
  • Make sure you have a good introduction of textures that go from smooth to textural.
  • Think of introducing a color that may be from a natural material; a plant, ceramic accent, metal piece.
  • Begin by placing the largest piece first; tray, books or a vase. (or a cluster of different size and height vases as another option)
  • Vary the scale of your pieces in height and size. One piece should be the star!
  • Finish with the small accents.
  • Once finished, edit and simplify to finish your cozy / stylish coffee table.


One of the things that I love the most, on my coffee table, is to make it evoke a feeling. Gardening is something I really miss right now, therefore, I bring materials and items that gives me the same feeling as being in the garden.

But this is the greatest thing about coffee tables! They can be changed around so easily that you can create a display that goes with your mood, an event, a holiday or a family gathering.

Some decor coffee table ideas are:

  1. Holiday Decor
  2. Family Day / Games
  3. Display your plants
  4. Tea Day
  5. Reading Day
  6. Appetizer Display
  7. Meditating (incense, candles, Buddha)
  8. Display Crafts
  9. Display Garden Flowers
  10. Display a collection (Antique Boxes, crystals, figurines)
  11. Display Air Plants


I. Printing Drawer Decor

  1. Place printing drawer on the table. This works best with a rectangular or square table, but and ottoman with a simple fabric pattern would work well also.

2. Add rocks together to make large areas of stone. Play with the blocking to get a more clean look since your items are small. This strategy of gathering the finishes together will make it visually cleaner.

3. Do the same with the dry white flowers and place them in a blocking manner. One option is to keep some of the dry flowers right next to the stones to create and outline at the edge and soften the look further.

4. Finalize the stones and flowers by completing an interesting pattern that you like with both the flowers and stones.

5. Include the air plants in the same style of blocking areas. Try to find some that have some accent color to bring interest to the composition. Remember that you can also use faux air plants if that is easier for you.

6. Use a larger air plant as a single element on one side.

II. Center Area Decor

7. Locate a large white book to work as part of the table surface to use. Make sure it covers the center portion of your drawer. This will allow it to work as a table surface.

8. Now select a candle on candle holder as an accent piece. I like a black or a color candle against the white book. Take a look at the links above for a gradient option. Play with your look, the candle can be simple, but unique

Links in this article are affiliate links and if you click on them, we will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you! Clicking and purchasing help to support this blog and all of the home and garden post we bring to you! 

Mega Candles Black Taper, Hand Poured; https://amzn.to/3LloD66

Visit the blog for links of other materials on this project.

9. Include your glass vase or a group of glass vases and photos plants in it. You can use other flower or plant types for a decor touch:

  • Flowers
  • Dry Flowers
  • Dry Grasses
  • Willow Branches
  • Other vines: Swiss Cheese Plant Monstera Adansonii; many types of phottos available in the market; golden, neon, Satin Scindapsus Pictus.

For the vines, use plants in soil and cut individual vines if you don’t have any individual vines. Place them in water and they will grow roots eventually. This is a great plant for growing in water and lasts a very long time, as long as you keep water for the roots to grow.

Once the roots grow, you can cut the roots a little when they get too large or transplant the rooted vines into a pot and grow new ones in the water. It is a great way to propagate the plant and have many free ones. The best part is that there are so many types as outlined on the list above.

10. Locate Crystal and use it as the incense holder.

The coffee table display becomes a piece of art that happens to be on your table top. A unique conversation piece to enjoy!


Now you have a beautiful setting that can be adjusted for Spring!

Loving decorations that I can easily transform.

Sometimes I need life to be easy and as Spring arrives, we are spending more time outside and need areas to display my flowers and plants.

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I hope you are feeling inspired and that Spring arrives soon in your area! We have quite a bit of time before Spring arrives in Seattle, but the rain has given us a break that was needed.

Stay Creative my friends!

Your Cocoon Awaits you!


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Suggested materials:
  • Rocks   (michaels)
  • Dry flowers   (michaels)
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